Slate Roof Repair, Replacement & Maintenance

Slate roof repair, restoration, and installation by expert roofing specialists in Fairfield County, Connecticut

We share your passion for slate roofs!  Both durable and aesthetically pleasing, slate roofs can provide a dramatic look and feel, as well as long-term protection from New England weather. Our experienced slate roof specialists can install a new slate roof to match your architectural vision, or repair your slate roof for historical preservation. No matter if you’re seeking a standard, textural, or graduated design, DMH Roofing will source the perfect slate from one of the region’s long-running quarries and provide the craftsmanship you deserve.

The team at DMH Roofing is highly skilled with slate roof installations and maintenance on all kinds of structures. You can trust our slate-roof work on:

  • academic
  • institutional
  • ecclesiastical
  • government buildings
  • homes of various architectural styles.

There isn’t a slate roof effect, hip, ridge, or valley that intimidates our well-practiced team!

Slate roofing is best installed by trained slate roof specialists who care about the end result

If you’ve decided to add a slate roof to your home or building, you’re about to make an investment that will last beyond your lifetime. That’s the best thing about a slate roof: if properly maintained, it can last over a hundred years! This is partly due to slate being resistant to impact and unaffected by harsh freeze and thaw cycles, like we have in Fairfield County Connecticut. Plus, it’s naturally noncombustible and fireproof! Nonetheless, all these reasons to choose a slate roof will matter very little if not properly installed.

When you choose DMH Roofing to install a slate roof, your investment is safe with our well-trained slate roof specialists who enjoy building slate roofs that are equally enduring and ornamental, for whatever style you choose. With one part art and two parts hard work, DMH Roofing will build a slate roof that equally protects occupants of your structure and pleases their eyes.

When everything is done, our goal is for you to believe that you got the best slate roofers, for the right price. To help keep that feel-good feeling long-term, we’ll visit your property every year for an annual inspection to protect your investment and keep ahead of essential maintenance. If that sounds good to you, contact us to get started!

Our preservation promise for slate roof repair

If you’re the proud owner of a home or building with an old slate roof, you’ll want some assurance that the character of the structure will remain intact after slate roof repair. At DMH Roofing, we take great pride in preserving the original configuration, pattern, massing, detailing, and craftsmanship for every slate roof restoration project.

Before work even begins, our slate roof specialists gather necessary input from property owners, architects, preservationists, and building managers to document the existing conditions and details in an effort to retain visual character and uphold historic integrity. Once our slate roof restoration project is complete, we promise it will be nearly impossible to discern the old slate from the new.

Let us return your slate roof to its former glory.  Call us today at (203) 417-5737.



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